I am thrilled to have returned to the Midwest after 15 years of living in Portland, Oregon. Prior to earning my doctorate in physical therapy, I spent a decade serving clients as a licensed massage therapist. I loved my work, but longed for the skills to better assess my clients’ limitations, address them with manual therapy and exercise, and help to develop appropriate home programs to manage symptoms. When I realized I was describing the work of a physical therapist, I returned to school to pursue my physical therapy degree.

I serve patients with a wide variety of orthopedic conditions, including those affecting the important muscles of the pelvic floor. I am passionate about providing physical therapy to patients affected by breast cancer. Forever expanding my skill set, I am serving a residency through Evidence in Motion in order to specialize in orthopedics.

I enjoy camping, bicycling, Pilates, and exploring the Madison area with my husband and son.