Your Health Is Our Health.

In response to COVID-19 we want to reinforce we take the health and safety of our patients, employees, and community seriously.

Because we take all extra precautions, follow CDC guidelines, and are accustomed to flu season, our clinics are considered low risk of exposure.

We also offer alternative options - virtually - for continuing or starting rehab for those who have to remain at home.


Why Capitol Physical Therapy?

  • We are the best choice for helping you get out of pain, to keep moving, and to keep you from needing pain medications, surgery, or extensive imaging.  
  • We help keep your healthcare costs down and stay out of the doctor’s office by keeping you from needing medications, surgery, or expensive imaging.  
  • The best PT needs to be done in person. We use the latest science and a literal hands-on approach to diagnose and treat your symptoms – including manipulating and mobilizing your joints and tissues.  
  • Your health is our health. We’ve always put your safety first.  Our team is used to maintaining the very highest standards for clinic cleanliness and infection control. 

Board-Certified or Doctorate-trained physical therapists are available to meet virtually through an online video chat that is secure and easy to use.

A Virtual Option: We understand the need to feel safe and protected before visiting a PT clinic. That’s why we are offering initial screens online.

Here’s exactly what we are doing to assure that you and our teams are as safe as possible. (Click me!)

Here’s exactly what we are doing to assure that you and our teams are safe: 

  • We are continuing our diligent environmental cleaning as directed by Federal and State agencies.
  • In addition to continually monitoring CDC, WHO and local health department guidance to keep the most up-to-date Safety and Health policies and practices, we have a long list of ways we are working to keep our clinics a low risk zone.
  • Our front desk team screens patients for symptoms and exposure to COVID-19. Patients who meets these criteria will not be re-scheduled until after a two-week symptom-free incubation period, in accordance with CDC guidelines.
  • In line with social distancing recommendations, we are keeping patients separate from each other as much as possible.
  • We wash our hands before and after contact with every patient.
  • All staff members wash their hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds each time.
  • We are continuing our routine environmental cleaning and using personal protective equipment as recommended by the CDC and our local health department.
  • We are sanitizing equipment and surfaces patients contact between patients.
  • Our clinics are stocked with hand sanitizer and tissues. 
  • If a staff member is ill, she/he stays home.

How it Works


You are in Pain

Whether it's from a recent injury, or has been nagging you for a while, it's keeping you from things you love doing.

Schedule Right Away



 Call, Click, Text, or Chat to schedule a convenient appointment at the time that works best for you. We'll get back to you right away to schedule your virtual appointment!


Connect Virtually

Virtually meet with a Board-Certified and Doctorate-trained physical therapist through online video chat that is secure, HIPAA compliant, and easy to use.  Some insurance companies are now allowing full online evaluations and online treatments. Our therapists can tell you more!

Virtual Screen

Start Feeling Better Now



Our therapists will provide you with instructions to join the meeting, recommendations for next steps in your recovery, guided treatments, and allow you to ask questions about your specific needs.


  • A screen is free of charge, conducted by a Board-Certified or Doctorate-trained physical therapist, and will address your pain or injury.
  • During the screen, the PT will ask about your condition, your previous level of function, and how the condition is affecting your life.  For example, when and how did your problem begin?  How often do the symptoms recur?  What makes it better or worse?  After that, the therapist may ask you to sit, stand, or move to point out where the pain occurs.  Once your PT gets a clear picture of your situation, you and the therapist will devise a plan for getting your physical therapy scheduled or for monitoring remotely.
  • The screen is conducted virtually through Microsoft TEAMS, an online video chat. Our team can walk you through TEAMS access over the phone if you have any questions.  It’s also HIPAA compliant, so your private health information is secure.

Our health is your health.

  • We are open for business. We are a safe place, while you can choose to stay home, you can also choose to go to somebody you trust, your personal PT or OT at Capitol Physical Therapy.
  • A Virtual Option: We understand that you may not want to visit our PT clinic unless you feel certain it will help and that you will be safe and protected. That’s why we are offering initial screens via telehealth.
Lower Costs

When physical therapy is first, patients have 71 percent lower costs in treating their back pain than patients who seek other types of care first.

Per Day

This is the number of people who die every day from opioid abuse in the U.S. 

Fewer Prescriptions

When physical therapy is first, the need for opioid prescriptions is 75-90% less likely.

Americans with back pain

Percentage of Americans who experience back pain in their life. 

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