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Success Stories

Real stories of transformation and pain-free living.

The Capitol PT experience starts with getting to know your unique circumstances. We sit down, listen to your story, and take the time to ensure that we truly understand your needs and long-term goals.

Regardless of the cause of your pain or condition, our team is dedicated to finding effective, long-lasting relief – as quickly as possible.

We’ve put together stories from many of our patients to show you how Capitol PT can quickly improve your life by eliminating pain or improving your circumstances.

You’ll see that a future without limitations really is possible.

Amy: Auto Accident Aftermath

Liz: Chronic Back Pain

Samantha: Sports Injury Recovery

Gary: Knee Pain Nightmare

Don’t suffer in silence.

If you’re feeling disheartened that nothing has worked—or confused about how physical therapy might help—don’t fret. We’d be happy to speak to you about how physical therapy at Capitol PT can make a big difference in your life... and in your pain levels.