Meet the Team

At Capitol PT, our team goes above and beyond to deliver personalized care with treatment plans that cater to your unique pain or limitations.

You can have peace of mind knowing that you’re working with a team of physical therapists who hold Doctoral level degrees, and most hold additional certifications like Orthopedic Clinical Specialists (OCS), Sports Clinical Specialists (SCS), and Women’s Health Clinical Specialists (WCS).

We’re dedicated to ensuring that all of our patients have a level of care and support that simply isn’t available anywhere else.

Every member of the Capitol PT family has their own focus and specialties, but we all hold a set of shared standards and beliefs. They include:

  • Long-term solutions delivered by teaching the mental, physical and emotional experience behind your pain or recovery.
  • Compassionate care that connects how your body moves (biomechanical science) with how your brain works (neuroscience).
  • Treating patients like family to provide a solid foundation for connection and healing.